Worst Smartphones Made

List of Worst Smartphones Ever Made

We are in the world of smartphones. But did you ever know that there are bad smartphones. Here are the list of worst smartphones ever made.

Nokia 7600

It was undoubtedly too strange for most to consider with that accolade, although it might have been Nokia’s second 3G handset. The 7600 was established in 2003 and aimed at ‘trend’ sorts, but the style of content layout went a little too much. It was hopeless to use one given which, apart from its entire look that is absurd, was sufficient to put away most people.

Motorola-flip out

The 2010-released Motorola FlipOut was one of these crazy efforts to produce a worst smartphone with a computer keyboard that was nested, plus it resembles a GCSE stuff design job wrongly sent into creation.

Nokia N-Gage

An entire record of sins follows the Ngage about. Established in 2003, it was a cack-handed effort to blend a cell phone as well as a fully-functional games console. Sadly, a small much emphasis went on the latter, meaning ‘intriguing’ design choices like having to power off the apparatus and take out the battery to alter a game or needing to hold the mobile edgeways against the face simply to discover the mic and talk into it.

BlackBerry Storm

The BlackBerry Playbook is the scene where he ruins a whole office after his job interview, as well as if BlackBerry is the Frank Spencer of the cell phone world, the BlackBerry Storm is the full on a rollerskating-behind-the-bus sequence.

HTC ChaCha

The mobile had a butt-ugly layout that made it seem like the apparatus had been put through one of Unbox Therapy’s patented except it was deliberate bending evaluations…. The apparatus quickly flopped and, in a rational universe, it’d have revealed Facebook and HTC that there was no market for a Facebook mobile.

The HTC First

Into making another Facebook Facebook suckered HTC -centric mobile known as the HTC First. This specific apparatus was utilized to showcase Facebook’s Facebook Home overlay that basically took over your Android mobile’s house display.

The Microsoft Family One

Worst smartphones, Sadly its own focus groups said the mobile was complete rubbish, which should have been a glaring red flag to junk it. Microsoft attempted driving it on consumers anyhow and it bombed so badly that it was axed by Microsoft less than two months after it went on sale.

The Amazon Fire Phone

Amazon screwed up everything about the Fire Phone: It was loaded with gimmicky characteristics that weren’t compelling to the majority of smartphone users, it was priced at $199 on contract, and it absolutely was exclusive to AT&T. worst smartphones

The BlackBerry Storm

From the ridiculous press- to its very buggy program in a touch screen, the apparatus made me completely hopeless until I returned it for an older BlackBerry version. The Thunderstorm was such a catastrophe that Verizon demanded that RIM pays it back $500 million to compensate for the losses it took attempting to sell the apparatus, worst smartphones.

BlackBerry Priv

We are aware that Blackberry is the one of the greatest in regards to secrecy and business security, but lopping off several letters surely doesn’t make it seem great. To be reliable, saying the name out loud makes feel like a little “Priv”.

OnePlus Oneplus 2 and 1

Certainly, they might have come up with something a bit more creative than amounts for their handsets while OnePlus isn’t a bad name for a business. It’s just going to become more silly with each successor, but maybe the business is going to change tack that it have the OnePlus X.

HTC One M8 Harman Kardon

HTC’s partnership with Harman Kardon to update the sound in the One M8 was quite amazing for the music enthusiasts out there, but the tongue-twisting name definitely could have been thought-out. Occasionally keeping things uncomplicated might only work out a little better.

Samsung Galaxy S2 Epic 4G Touch

Here’s a mouthful for you attempting saying Samsung Galaxy S2 Epic 4G Touch after a beer or two, in the event you believed the last one was terrible. I’m looking at you Sony Xperia Z3 Compact Tablet Pc, Samsung actually took the cake with this one.

Yezz Billy 4.7

This Windows Phone was named for, you guessed, it Microsoft founder Bill Gates, but it seems more like something that his mom may have yelled downstairs at some point during his youth to him.

ZTE Iconic Phablet

It ended up being a passable 5.7-inch 720p midrange smartphone. The Iconic Phablet surely did nothing to knock other smartphones that are supersized off their top positions.

LG Thrill Optimus 3D P920

If we’ve confirmed that too long winded and self-indulgent names are up there as the worst, then the cardinal sinner must be the LG Thrill Optimus 3D P920. Certainly, unboxing a fresh cell phone might be a delight, but to put it in the name, that’s more than a little determined LG.

Motorola Citrus / LG Cookie Wink Design / LG Chocolate Touch

Both Motorola and LG should be embarrassed at these version names. It doesn’t mean that I’d like to eat it, although I might be placing it near my mouth! LG’s selections of names for a few of these older handsets are really bizarre, although the Citrus is really poor.

HTC Salsa

If food is really poor then naming your mobiles after Latin dancing styles is even more unusual. Maybe that kind of thing was in 2011 back in vogue, but the name definitely hasn’t aged nicely.

Mobiles2go i-Children

With a mobile which could just dial four parent-programmed phone numbers, the mobiles2go i-Children strove to cash in on parental anxieties, like the Telstra TicTalk. In addition, we adore the utilization of the “i-” moniker, which was all the rage in 2006.

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LG Chocolate

On paper, the Chocolate read like a smartphone’s second coming (for the time in 2009), a real iPhone killer for the ages. But after only seconds with LG’s horrible S-Class UI, and upon recognizing that the

Telstra TicTalk

Telstra TicTalk reaches shops at a time when it looked like all parents wanted their children to carry cell phones which could just dial four numbers, relying on technology that was gimped to replace a balanced, open conversation as well as good parenting by making use of their children.

Nokia 7280

Nokia replaced the constantly-dull numeric with a rotary dial, and in doing so made a cellphone which was formed like a lipstick tube. With its art deco-inspired aesthetic, the 7280 would have been a victory, had the fascinating notion paid off of Nokia.

Samsung Galaxy Ace

A little screen with a wretched camera a poor resolution, persistent crashing, and only an all around the layout that is strange. The Ace is among the finest examples as this mobile proved to be a giant turd that not everything Samsung touches turns to gold.

Samsung Galaxy Fit

With Android 2.3 on board and a screen coming in at a measly 240×320, it couldn’t even break out in the beginner marketplace. The name Fit was also merely a poor joke from Samsung or a terrible play on words.

HTC Wildfire

Everything that makes Android a joy is turned into pure agony with this specific apparatus. Whoever has ever tried to find out their location via GPS or browse the browser on their Wildfire understands just what I’m talking about.

Sony Xperia Play

Lack of processing ability a great thought that crashed and burned due to flawed controls, along with a modest assortment of games. In addition, the voice quality was abysmal. At least the Xperia Playset death (for now) into the worst smartphones control hybrid vehicle.

LG Optimus L3 II

The Optimus L3 II appears that it absolutely was pulled from the early days of worst smartphones. The chassis of the mobile was equally thick as well as the hardware was on exactly the same amount.

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LG Optimus Vu

This apparatus can’t be taken for its measurements that are totally bizarre. LG attempted to bring a 4:3 apparatus to the marketplace. and attempted to break the standard aspect ratios with this specific apparatus The end result? An odd looking device that only doesn’t seem or feel right.

Panasonic Eluga

The thought itself was great, the layout was appealing, and it was clearly one of the very first watertight worst smartphones that really seemed ok. The Eluga had an entirely terrible battery, and an inferior hardware, a bad camera.

HTC Evo 3D / LG Optimus 3D

Worst Smartphones with 3D displays and 3D cameras were, for a time period, the following big thing. Nevertheless, they vanished just about as fast as they arrived on the scene. And the single two apparatus which managed to make it to the light of day were LG Optimus 3D. and the HTC Evo 3D

Samsung Galaxy S Ray

They’ve needed before they gave rise to their incredibly popular apparatus to try the waters with some utter failures. The Galaxy S Beam was way too pricey for the typical hardware it was sporting and also the projector was nothing more than an intriguing gimmick, not practical for anything.