Top Reasons Physical Keyboards on Mobiles Still Rocks

What goes around seemingly comes around, we are suddenly talking about physical computer keyboards on Android mobiles again. Samsung, astonishingly, brought the hardware keyboard back to their Galaxy S6 Edge in the type of an accessory that and Note 5 clips onto the telephone. Making an even larger commitment to the physical keyboard, BlackBerry has released the BlackBerry Priv which includes a physical keyboard you’ll be able to slip out at any time under a large 5.4-inch screen.

Certainly, these businesses feel there continues to be a marketplace demand for a physical keyboard, and they consider this a growth opportunity instead of only catering to longtime keyboard users, as we found out from our interview with the President of Apparatus of BlackBerry. One thing I Have found fascinating in the various conversations I Have had lately about the Priv is the dearth of comprehension among smartphone enthusiasts and more casual smartphone users, both about the advantages of a physical computer keyboard.

I get it. We live in a mobile world where glass has been typed on by more people than have ever typed on buttons. Those of us, myself included, that have transitioned to touchscreen from a physical keyboard can really type faster on a touchscreen than we ever could on a physical computer keyboard.

So supposing it’s not flat out quickly typing speed which makes a physical keyboard desired, why would you need to get a cellphone such as the Priv at which a computer keyboard with buttons can slide out?

In no specific order, here are my top reasons why you should not laugh when you see someone using a physical computer keyboard on a mobile:

Whether you are going, walking, or riding in an auto, physical keyboards are quicker and much more precise when you are “doing things”

When I am standing or sitting still, I am usually quicker on a touchscreen keyboard than on a physical computer keyboard. But begin typing while I am in the physical computer keyboard and also movement is a lot prone to win the race that is typing. Walking down the road using a cellphone in hand, I can put my head down and pump out the messages with gusto on a physical computer keyboard. Having physical buttons for your fingers to shove against increases and ensures your button presses are exact.

On a touchscreen, it is tough to swipe or pat correctly while your body is in motion. That is sitting in your hands when fixed you do not even have to think about your thumbs in relation to the smartphone. When you are out-and-around, your thumbs must hit small targets on a stage that is moving. To put it simply, it is more difficult. Does not matter whether we are talking about riding in the back seat of a cab or walking around — the movement surroundings is ruled by the physical computer keyboard.

Muscle memory means you are able to learn to type without looking

You have gotta love muscle memory! You’ll discover yourself having the capability to type on it needing to look at it, should you log enough hours on a physical computer keyboard. Most are that way using a desktop computer keyboard — you left hunt-and-peck should you spend any moment at a computer in the previous years back. Typing on a touchscreen differs. Your fingers don’t have any tactile reference points on a sheet of glass. You need really look at what you are doing on wherever your fingers are and concentrate, even if subconsciously. Without doing that, it is simply too simple to tap in the incorrect place and run your sentence into a string of nonsensical characters (particularly once autocorrect begins to kick in). Touchscreen keyboards need attention a physical computer keyboard simply doesn’t.

Depending on what you do for a living and who you’re, the advantage of being able to type in your smartphone correctly while paying minimal attention to it as a BIG one.

Simpler typing for long fingernails

For all those of us with longer fingernails, real computer keyboards are fingernail friendly. Touchscreen keyboards require contact with flesh to record the touch, and also a fingernail only will not do — so those with long fingernails found they had to resort to awkward flat-thumbing to type on glass. But using a real computer keyboard, your choices are open — kind with the tips of your fingernails, with the pads of your thumbs, with whatever — long as you could shove the key down, you are great. The customer base of blackBerry skewed female for several years, partially due to this built in edge for real computer keyboards.

Better precision for fingers that are old

Your eyesight starts to wane as well as for as your fingers slow down with age, the immediate reaction of a touchscreen pat can become difficult to handle. With a physical computer keyboard, you may get your fingers securely on the best button, then press down with confidence. There’s also the issue of acquaintance — a physical computer keyboard on a smartphone is a rather direct translation of the QWERTY keyboards we have been using for decades on computers and typewriters. Touchscreen keyboards utilize a layout that is similar, but the theory isn’t always a recognizable one.

This might not apply to everybody, but I Have located a setting among the old folks in my life for physical computer keyboards. For both mother-in-law and my mom, who I ‘ve furnished over time with both touchscreen and physical computer keyboard mobiles, their setting has been for the physical computer keyboard.

Simpler to type passwords, proper names, URLs, email addresses, etc.

In the event that you type lots of passwords and proper names, etc. all day long on your mobile, you will probably discover a computer keyboard quicker and more precise for getting this done, particularly with autocorrect becoming out of your way.

Physical computer keyboards give you physical shortcuts to contacts programs, and more.

For power users and power communicators who care more about utility than ease and layout aesthetic, a (correctly executed) physical computer keyboard offers productivity gains. Having the capability to dial contacts with the rapid press and hold of a button, or start into worldwide investigation or programs can save seconds each single time you pick up your telephone. Obviously, the applications on the telephone must support that, plus it just so happens the BlackBerry Priv does.